Low Voltage Installations

Fire Alarm Installation

No business can do without a properly designed and installed fire system – it only takes one event to wipe out operations. B&B Electric provides design, installation, programming, maintenance, and repairs for fire alarm wiring and equipment. Our expert technicians make sure that work is completed in accordance with all N.E.C. and NFPA codes.

Security / Card Access

No matter the business, secure entry is becoming more and more critical for safety of customers and employees. We install security card access control systems for any size company – from a small business with one door to a large corporate entity with multiple locations and thousands of employees. Our systems can include:

• Proximity card readers
• Alarm monitoring
• Card access control
• Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and monitoring for additional security, which can be operated continuously or for a specific event

We provide the latest in nurse call systems or add to existing systems, for any health care environment.


We design and provide sound re-enforcement and intercom systems to fit the needs of any institution whether it’s a school or business.

See for yourself! check out our Portfolio for Low Voltage Projects.



Structured Cabling System Installation And Design

RCDD Certified Designer

Telecommunications systems include voice, data, video, audio, and other low voltage control. As a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), we are experts in design, integration, and implementation of these transport systems and all their related infrastructure components. We can help you design your system whether it is brand new or needs to be integrated into an existing system.

Voice & Data Cabling, Category 3, 5, 5e, 6 and 10 Gigabit

Up to 50% of all network problems are related to network cabling. Downtime and data loss costs you money and productivity. Systems installed by B&B Electric certified installers follow national structured cabling standards, including after-installation testing and certification reports.

Fiber Optics Communication Installation

Fiber Optics carries information from point to point in the form of light, and while not electrical in nature, we still are experts in fiber optic systems. Fiber optic communications offer so many superior advantages that they are important to consider in any communications installation.

• superior signal over much longer transmission
• small diameter
• lightweight for installation in small spaces
• superior data security
• easily upgradeable for the future

Authorized SYSTIMAX® SCS Value Added Reseller

SYSTIMAX is a worldwide leader in structured cabling systems and provides integrated end-to-end connectivity solutions for voice, data, video and building management applications in both wired and wireless enterprise networks. B&B Electric has SYSTIMAX trained and certified installers, and a SYSTIMAX CERTIFIED CABLING DESIGNER for completed design and installation of your structured cabling needs. We offer a 20-year structured cabling warranty for no extra charge when installing a SYSTIMAX system.

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