At B&B Electric, we understand how critical it is to have synergy between owners, general contractors, the design team, and subcontractors.

Design-Build is a process that requires a contractor to provide several levels of design, consultation and installation for a project. It includes management services during discovery, construction and post-construction phases. Our dedicated project management team ensures all work is carefully supervised and completed to produce the best results for you.

Benefits of B&B’s Design-Build

  • Reduced costs because of our knowledge of alternative methods and materials
  • Faster project completion
  • Better quality and flexibility
  • Better communication between builder, owner, architect and contractors

Why Design-Build Works

  • Making decisions for the best quality
  • Choosing the best solutions for the project, anticipating and avoiding setbacks, not only saves time but ensures better results in any commercial development project.

Budget Management

  • As an experienced design-build electrical contractor, B&B Electric can discuss costs as the project evolves while ensuring quality service.