Generators and Alternate Power Systems

At B&B Electric, we’ve designed and built systems for medical and healthcare facilities, financial and commercial businesses, as well as residential. Keeping your business up and running is our goal and yours. 

We save you time by identifying areas that need preventative maintenance, avoiding service disruptions with non-invasive technology.  We use faster, more accurate technological advances.


There is much to choose from our wide selection of solutions for emergency and standby power units. We work with many manufacturers to ensure that you get the best value and service for your money. From two-megawatt units down to 7kw residential unit installations, our turnkey approach means we make sure your system is properly sized and installed with the proper fuel system requirements. We work on complete retrofit system installations all the way to existing buildings that never had any generator system. For any generator project, our goal is to ensure minimal interruption and disruption to your normal operations.

If you don’t need a permanent installation, we can set up a facility to allow for connection to a portable generator. This is a great solution for a business that may only need backup power when there is an extended outage or if you’re concerned with the initial cost of a generator. This may mean a rental of a unit, which we can help coordinate for you.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

UPS systems provide backup power to computer and network equipment to make sure that your vital systems keep working.

UPS systems also give you power conditioning to minimize or eliminate the effects of spike, sags, surges and power fluctuations – all issues that can create some definite disruptions. UPS systems are usually installed for those short duration outages, so we recommend integrating them with a generator system for extended outages.

Solar Power

B&B Electric, Inc. has completed design build solar projects as well as solar installs for a variety of solar companies.

See for yourself! check out our Project Portfolio.