We Save You Money

We save you money by avoiding equipment failures and emergency repairs, reducing downtime, and improving your system’s efficiency.

We Save You Time

We save you time by identifying areas that need preventative maintenance, avoiding service disruptions with non-invasive technology, and using faster, more accurate technological advances.

We Offer 20-year Structured Cabling Warranty

We offer a 20-year structured cabling warranty for no extra charge when installing a SYSTIMAX system.

We're Committed To Safety

Committed to safety as an absolute expectation for our field employees.

Identify Risks

We identify fire hazards and reduce risk system failures.

We Meet All Electrical Needs

Committed to being your go-to source for all electrical job.

We're Family Owned & Operated

Four-generation legacy of owners in the top tier of the industry.

We Understand...

We understand the critical components that go into designing and installing systems for fire, security, access, nursing call systems and sound protection.

We Work Hard...

We work hard to earn your business.

We Cover It All

We cover it all, and make being a client of B&B Electric an easy turn-key and hassle-free experience.

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